In 1957, beginning with only 4 children, a group of parents began a program for their children whose needs were not being met - ANYWHERE. These children were ‘retarded’ or developmentally delayed as they are defined today.

This program became the Foothills Activity Center with an annual operating budget of $800 from the Cerebral Palsy Fund. No funds- No site- No staff- No equipment.
Enter Foothills Service League in 1959. This group of ladies undertook to raise local awareness of the needs and accomplishments of the program and to make parents of these children aware of the program’s availability.

For the past  60 years Foothills Service League has continuously served  that Foothills Activity Center as it has grown into today’s Foothill’s Gateway, Inc.
During this same time period the Fort Collins Service League had similar goals and programs in support of Foothills Gateway, Inc. and in 2016 the two groups combined in order to create a more vital and capable  entity.  The fund raisers had gotten too big for either group to do alone.  Watch our smoke now!
Foothills Service  League extended its outreach to Namaqua Center in about 1996 to enable us to reach out more to children.  We have divided our resources between the two agencies since that time.

Our two major fund raisers at present are The Taste of Loveland and Foothills’  Tree For All however, over the years locals will recall  the Foothills’ Invitational ProAm Golf Tournament, Run-a-thons, Christmas Wreath Sales, Massive Garage Sales, County Fair Food Booths, AND our 59 year old Bridge and Pinochle Marathons.
The proceeds of these events have built 3 swimming pools at Foothills Gateway, air conditioning of the Foothills Gateway Plant, therapeutic playgrounds (3), a complete print shop for the Sheltered Workshop, multiple buses and vans, an addition to a residence for Namaqua, rebuilt the kitchen, refurnished the bedrooms and family room areas at Namaqua. We have underwritten multiple innovative programs at both agencies. The list goes on and on. Presently we support the Grandfamilies program and Wonder Camp at Namaqua and several programs at Foothills Gateway.